• 1.5 Metre Rule

    1.5 Metre Rule – Sligo City Hall

    My Speech in Sligo City Hall

    Last year, we in Sligo County Council had Staying Alive Cycling safety stickers placed on all Council Vehicles and I would like to thank the staff of the roads department for agreeing to be part of this campaign.

    This 1.5 metre rule helps to create an environment of safer cycling across the board giving cyclists a 1.5 metre cushion when being passed by a motorist. It is also a great piece of legislation to educate the public about how much space to leave when safely passing a cyclist. Furthermore, enacting the 1.5 metre safe overtaking law would also serve back up the Road Safety Authority’s recommendation.
    This message now forms part of our rules of the road where 1.5 metres is referenced for the first time followings meetings with the RSA. (It’s on page 53) and states ‘It is recommended that you give extra space (at least 1.5 metres) when overtaking a cyclist, as they may need to avoid uneven road surfaces and obstacles’.

    The campaign itself is moving on nicely and there are early talks of a bill for Minimum Passing Distance Law (MPDL) in the Dáil currently.
    I wish to pay particular tribute to the man behind this entire campaign Phil Skelton in Wexford and he is now rolling out a ‘See the Person, Pass with Care’ project where various pull-ups of local cyclists are now being displayed in public buildings and businesses around County Wexford.
    This initiative is done in an effort for other road users to see cyclists as REAL PEOPLE, not just another object or obstacle on the road. REAL PEOPLE, who just like you and me, mean literally the world to their loved ones and would like to get home safely to them.

    It is my intention to roll out this project here in Sligo also.

    Most importantly though is to remember that this is all OUR campaign, a campaign for each and every person who currently cycles or is too scared to do so, a campaign which will add a protective layer to encourage children to cycle to school, more female riders to cycle, to truly help make cycling a more pleasant and inclusive activity and transport form.

    Thank you.

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