• Casserly Against Election Posters

    Casserly Against Election Posters

    Numerous Tidy Towns groups have in the past stated that they oppose the erection of election posters, following the example of Cobh in Cork, Glenties in Donegal and Swinford in Mayo.
    During the local elections I decided not to go with posters, and to erect 20 4ft x 4ft roadside signs. I intend to do the same this time round, recycling the road signs from the local election. I don’t intend on saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

    The significant cost associated with the printing of posters, as well as the effort in getting them up and removing them after the election could be better spent on other means of marketing. Storms, like Imogen, passing over our shores as I speak, will no doubt, cause significant numbers of the posters to become detached from their cable ties, representing a hazard to pedestrians and traffic.

    I would suggest we follow the example of some of our European counterparts and ban election posters, apart from in small designated areas. This would ensure that the proliferation of posters around the constituency would be limited, the amount of money wasted on posters would be minimised, and the clean up afterwards would be eliminated. This money could be spent on other very worthy causes.

    The established parties spend millions of euro of public money on election campaigns and Independent candidates are at a significant disadvantage, as they do not have access to any funding.

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