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    Casserly Calls for County Recreational Strategy

    Independent Councillor Marie Casserly is calling on Sligo County Council to provide the necessary resources to commission and implement a County Recreational Strategy in partnership with relevant agencies and interest groups. A Sligo Recreation Forum could be established to approve the strategy and oversee its implementation as a countywide entity to include community representatives, entrepreneurs and providers of recreational and tourist services along with a range of State agencies.

    Marie believes the implementation of such a strategy would provide for strong socio-economic growth within the Sligo area, and further enhance the county’s tourism offering by building upon initiatives like the ‘Adventure Capital of Ireland’ programme. Such a strategy would bring countless jobs and investment to our county, and therefore contribute to a reduction in unemployment.

    According to Casserly the successful implementation of such an initiative would lay the foundation for the building of ‘active, healthy, safe and successful community groups’ within the area and help inhabitants of Sligo become more aware of our exceptional natural environment.

    In an era where mental health services are severely underfunded physical activity indicates a marked improvement in mental and physical health of active participants. Studies show that exercise and physical activity can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication—but without the side-effects, of course. In addition to relieving depression symptoms, research also shows that maintaining an exercise schedule can prevent relapse.

    She believes Sligo County is the ideal candidate for such a strategy, and with collaboration with the successful Sligo Sports and Recreation Partnership, and other agencies capture and realise our unique potential in terms of promoting outdoor tourism and a healthy work life balance.

    The Recreation Strategy will set out a framework for the further development of recreation amenities in the county to meet the expectations and interests of the residents of Sligo and neighbouring counties, north and south. As we progress in developing these amenities along the agreed roadmap, Sligo has the potential to attract many thousands more visitors from the rest of Ireland and internationally. In this way, the recreation strategy can boost economic development and jobs in Sligo and can best achieve this terrific potential as part of an overall Sligo Tourism strategy.

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