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    Casserly Calls on Sligo County Council to Support Tesco Workers

    Independent Councillor Marie Casserly is calling on Sligo County Council to support a recent Labour Court recommendation which calls on Tesco Ireland to desist from forcing significant wage cuts on large numbers of staff.

    Casserly argues that these cuts are unfair and unnecessary given that the company is currently showing an increase in revenue to over €2.5 billion over the year to the end of February.
    Tesco Ireland, whom currently employs up to 14,500 workers in 149 stores in the Republic of Ireland, does not publish its Irish profits but sources suggest that the company generates up to €250 million euro in profits from its Irish operations annually.

    Casserly believes these cuts will adversely affect those within the firm who can least afford it, with 1,000 staff member being informed that their wages are to be reduced by over 15 per cent.
    Staff at 70 of the company’s stores are due to go on indefinite strike from Monday next (16th May) having been balloted for strike action by the Mandate trade union. Mandate has suggested that staff are entitled to a 2 per cent pay rise based upon reported profits, and not a pay cut as is being argued by Tescos..
    Casserly believes that Sligo County Council should side with the employees and support them given that the firm is generating healthy profits from its Irish operations.

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