• Child Care

    Employment Regulation Order – Childcare Sector

    I propose that this council write to the Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation to the effect that the government should, under the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act, allow for the adoption of an Employment Regulation Order to be established for workers in the Childcare Sector.

    A Childcare Worker earns an average wage of €9.41 per hour, and an average of €19,000 per annum. Pay for this job does not change much by experience, with the most experienced earning only a bit more than the least. People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years’ experience

    The rate of investment in Early Childhood Education is too low. The sector lacks a clear strategic vision. No single year of investment, however large, will deliver the key policy objective of uniformly increasing quality throughout the system. Given that higher quality early childhood education has positive long-term returns for the child experiencing the education, their families, and society. The return can be as high as €7 for every €1 spent.

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