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    Lack of Transparency – Waste & Recycling Industries

    I propose that the council write to the Minister of the Environment and Local Government to establish an ombudsman for the waste and recycling industries, the function of which would be to regulate the significant increases in charges that are being levied on householders and businesses over the past number of years.

    Based on my consultations with the executive of the local authority, it has become apparent that there is no control over the companies that run the waste collection services in each county.
    While the companies must be registered with the NWCPO (National Waste Collection Permit Office), there is no control over the costs charged to the users, both domestic and commercial.
    In the last 5 years the costs of collection have increased steadily. The most significant increase has been in the standing charges levied by the companies, which have increased by over 400%.
    Given that householders are obliged to have an account with a waste provider, it is absolutely necessary that the sector is regulated, and that some independent body would have the power to review and impose limits on any increase that is proposed by the companies. The number of providers in county Sligo and the surrounding counties and areas is limited which leads to the possibility that collusion between providers in relation to price.
    My proposal that the Minister appoint an ombudsman would provide consumers with a service in which to raise issues and lodge complaints in relation to the service provided and the price charged.

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