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    Leaving Certificate Results

    I wish to congratulate all Leaving Cert students who will receive their results today. It’s a fantastic achievement to get this far, and enjoy your day with family and friends. Not every student will get offered their first choice but there are many opportunities to follow your chosen career path. There are more courses available than ever now and there is often more than one way for the young person to get to where they ultimately want to be job/career-wise. You can still get where you want, you may just need to take a different path.

    There are many progression opportunities available to every Leaving Cert student, whether it be pursuing a third level course, repeating the Leaving Cert, taking a year out to work or travel, or doing a one year Post Leaving Cert Course (PLC). Also, there are now a choice of new apprenticeships in insurance, accounting, ICT and financial services among others, available to school leavers. So there are many options available for young people today.

    Students who are not satisfied with the marks they got in one or more of their Leaving Certificate results can appeal those results to the State Examinations Commission. Before you make the decision to appeal your result(s), you may view your examination script and then make your decision. This can be arranged by contacting your school. Students who have applied to view scripts may bring a second person, normally a subject teacher or parent, with them.

    Now, for those who have applied for third level courses, Round One offers are available from next Monday the 22nd August from 06:00 am online, also issued by post, e-mail and text. Applicants who have not received an offer will receive a Statement of Application Record. Monday 29th August is the Round 1 acceptances closing date. My advice to students who receive an offer is to accept this offer even if it is not their first choice. They may get their first choice in Round two but if a student does not achieve the required points they may not get any other offer. Accepting an offer at this stage does not mean that you will not get another offer in subsequent rounds.

    On Monday the 1st of September, Round 2 offers available from 06:00 online. Monday the 7th September is Round 2 Acceptances closing date. The 14th October is when the offer season ends.
    If you do not receive an offer from the CAO, you can check out the list of vacant places on the CAO website under the heading “Available/Vacant Places”. These are programmes which have not received sufficient applicants to fill the number of places on offer from the college in question. People who have not applied to the CAO may make an application online for a vacant place. If you have applied already, you simply go into your record in the CAO website and place the vacant course at the top of your CAO application list (free of charge). Applicants for available places must meet the normal entry requirements for the course in question.

    The list of vacant-place courses will continue to be published on the CAO website www.cao.ie over the coming weeks, and for as long as course places continue to be on offer.

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