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    School Books – Lack of Rental Scheme

    School book rental schemes remove the need for parents to purchase new textbooks and are also considered as a viable alternative to annual second-hand book sales. Schools with established schemes indicated an average saving to parents of almost eighty per cent of the cost of buying new books.

    School principals and boards of management not currently providing access to the book rental scheme are being urged to do so for the sake of hard-pressed families.

    The scheme, currently being run in 90% of primary schools, allows pupils to pay a lower amount for the books they need, provided they are returned at the end of the year.

    At second level the scheme is operated over three years and requires a deposit.

    Independent County Councillor and Guidance Counsellor at St. Mary’s College, in Ballisodare, Marie Casserly says that unfortunately the uptake in secondary schools is much lower at just 64%.

    According to Ms. Casserly, the scheme is excellent as it cuts out the hassle of buying books in August, dramatically cuts down on costs for parents and reduces waste.

    A survey has found that parents will spend an average of almost €400 per child on uniforms and books this September.

    A study by the Irish League of Credit Unions found that almost a third of parents find themselves in debt covering back to school costs.

    The survey found that uniforms can cost an average of €166 for primary school children and €258 for secondary school students.

    School books for primary school children cost an average of €106 and €213 for secondary school students.

    Over two-thirds of those surveyed said the costs will impact their ability to pay household bills or afford a holiday.

    The survey found that 20% of parents surveyed said they will need to borrow to meet the costs of going back to school

    It is unfair that not all parents have and students have access to it. It is an extremely costly time of year for parents, having to pay for buses, school uniforms, art supplies, and equipment for different subjects, not to mention voluntary contributions to schools, and school insurance.

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