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    There are over 4,400 people working in the tourism industry in Sligo and it’s worth €96m to the local economy, so promotion of the North West as a tourism destination is vital to the overall success of the region.
    The Surf Summit took place in the seaside town of Ericeira on Portugal’s west coast, 35 km from Lisbon, at Ericeira’s World Surf Reserve, one of two in the globally.
    Some of the biggest names in surfing were there for the weekend speaking about the importance of surfing to the tourism industry in the region and also of the importance of preserving and protecting our coastlines for future generations.
    There was a strong emphasis during the surf summit as to how Mafra and Sligo could develop tourism and business links in the future. Food tourism is a very important part of the Portuguese economy and there is a lot in common between Ireland and Portugal.
    Sligo, the North West and the Wild Atlantic Way were promoted through presentations, photos, video and brochures.
    There was an opportunity to visit Mafra’s Municipal Offices, to hear about industry and the local economy and future plans and also a visit to the Innovation Centre, the Surfing Reserve Interpretive Centre, historic sites, and community and sporting facilities.
    During the Web Summit in Lisbon there was an opportunity to speak with and listen to start up companies, designers, engineers, politicians, investors, musicians and economists. There was also an opportunity to discuss and promote the location of Sligo as a tourist destination and promote the Wild Atlantic Way.

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